January 25, 2005

how is really in charge of setting policy?

Howard stirs up migrant storm (also at the Telegraph)apparently political parties are not allowed to offer policies that the majority of the population (unfortunantly) wants because of EU law:
"Mr Frattini's spokesman said that because of changes in EU asylum law 'member states are no longer at liberty simply to say 'I don't want to hear your case', because they are bound to hear cases under EU law'"

What exactly has this to do with a free trade area? Err ... nothing. Now personally I think that Howard is wrong and that we have a duty to provide santuary for people fleeing persecution (not any old sod who thinks they can get a job here) until it is safe for them to return.

However I also believe strongly in free determination, that a people should be able to make their own minds up on how, and by whom, they are ruled. I would argue against this policy, but should he get elected with a mandate to put it in place from the majority of the British people then he should be able to put it in place. Without interferance from a corrupt, undemocratic, external power.


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